Denis Plater Toastmaster
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Corporate Events
Formal Dinners
Masonic Festivals
Society Occasions
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Denis Plater, a Past President, trained with the Association of the UK School of Professional Toastmasters. In an international management career, he organised and conducted many events in Europe and the Far East, endorsed by an extensive portfolio from a wide variety of engagements. Offering the highest standard of expertise, formality, skilled organisation and effective communication. A confident and informed personal service so that things happen when they should. Keen to ensure enjoyable, happy, successful occasions.

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A Toastmaster and Master of Ceremonies

More to it than meets the eye, not just there to make announcements and add pomp to large formal events, the real work happens behind the scenes.

Detailed planning throughout.

Liaison with the venue management team.

Understandings with other professionals.

Resolving the unexpected.

Caring for guests.

Proper conduct with proceedings.


Receive, welcome and direct guests.

Indicate the facilities and features of the venue.

Arrange the Gift Table, taking care of cards and gifts.

Greet the bridal party to and from the ceremony.

Assist the Bridegroom, Best Man and Groomsmen.

Organise the receiving line.

Announce the wedding breakfast.

Conduct guests to their places.

Announce the bride and bridegroom, escort them to be seated.

Offer Grace or introduce the guest doing so.

Announce cutting the cake and associated activities.

Introduce toasts and speeches and assist with presentations.

Close the formal proceedings.

Assist the bride and bridegroom as they retire.

Welcome and direct evening guests.

Introduce the first dance.


Your day entirely formal or not, a Toastmaster will be the key to ensuring that hopes and expectations are met. That perfect day will involve many professionals; photographer, florists, caterers, musicians, certainly a few others.

These activities need to be coordinated to keep an eye on the time, caterers ready to serve, photography done, group shots taken, guests ready to be received and seated.

Everyone at their ease for toasts to be given and replies made; with speeches announced and introduced, gifts and acknowledgements arranged, cake cutting prepared, sound checks done, P A system working, the Band, DJ, entertainment, background music, all taken care of and the enjoyment of first dance.

Your Toastmaster in full traditional regalia, red tailcoat, gavel, white gloves and bow tie, showing a calming, friendly, reassuring, relaxing point of reference. An independent Toastmaster, engaged by you, works only for you to be relied upon to make sure that your occasion is all that you wish it to be and the venue delivers what it has promised.


To help in the preparation towards an enjoyable, memorable, smoothly run occasion free from concerns having regard to specific requirements offering a unique mix of advisor, organiser, liaison, diplomat and voice, a “presence”.

What to look for

Though not formally licensed, a professional Toastmaster, will have received proper accredited training; will hold independent credentials, and belong to a recognised association, hold suitable insurance and be able to provide testimonials from past clients.

A finishing touch

Where the Red Coat shows,
wine flows gently in praise of beauty, of love.
A tender moment relished by captured thought
given to comment, laughter and memory.
Take that time to hold for ever,
never overlooked, unseen, forgotten.
One will take charge,
relinquish the thought of anything forgotten.
Entrusted, enriched, calmed, contained,
whatever recall, to be reminded again and again and again!